Hi. Hey. How are ya.

I know I've been absent for quite some time, with and without reason. There have been so many times I've wished to come to my computer and sit down to write something that might mean something to someone somewhere maybe, but whenever I would do so, words failed. Actually, until recently, I felt creatively blocked … Continue reading Hi. Hey. How are ya.

Some Tips for Escaping the Dreaded Writer’s Block

Shall we start this post off with some disclaimers? Let's do. Disclaimer #1: I have never had anything published, and therefore, have no advice to give on how to get your writing published. I am simply someone who writes often and studied English in college; therefore, I have unlimited experience with writer's block and getting … Continue reading Some Tips for Escaping the Dreaded Writer’s Block

Why Is This Getting Harder?

Perhaps it's a dumb question to ask. Nothing in life is easy, and to think that blogging is always easy would be an extremely naive assumption. However, lately, every week it seems to get harder and harder. I sit down at my computer and my mind fails me. My fingers sit idle on my keyboard … Continue reading Why Is This Getting Harder?