The Problem with Home

I love my hometown. So much. I like living here and I like my friends here, and overall it's a really f*cking great city. One problem, though: I simply do not feel artistically fulfilled here. This is what lies at the root of my homesickness -- loving home and always wanting to be there and … Continue reading The Problem with Home

Thoughts From a Laundromat

I exploded my washing machine. Well, not exploded. But I tried to wash a new comforter and apparently it was too much for my washing machine to handle. It overflowed -- I just like to say that it exploded because it makes the story more interesting. I mopped up and extracted the now extremely soaked, detergent-ridden … Continue reading Thoughts From a Laundromat

Random Thoughts That Seem to Be Constantly on My Mind Like 24/7 These Days and I Hate It

1. I really hate it when my friends don't respond and I also hate to admit how much I hate it because I am virtually unreachable myself. It's happened twice now this week that I texted some friends and received no response. Not even a wimpy day-later text saying "sorry I was busy." And I … Continue reading Random Thoughts That Seem to Be Constantly on My Mind Like 24/7 These Days and I Hate It

My Ukulele and Turning 24

Today I’ve been playing my ukulele and it got me thinking. Almost three years ago (my birthday is tomorrow) on my 21st birthday, at the end of a long day, as I was walking in to what I knew would be a long rehearsal, my friends greeted me at the door with cake and music … Continue reading My Ukulele and Turning 24

How I Became a Compulsive List-Maker

I’ve recently fallen into a habit of list-making. But “habit” might not be a strong enough word. I hate to use the word “compulsive,” but lately that’s what I’ve felt it has turned into — a compulsive need. I cannot get through a day without crossing something off the list. There have been too many … Continue reading How I Became a Compulsive List-Maker