A Note on Failure.

It's hard to create something that no one reads/watches/sees/listens to. It's hard to put something out into the world in general, but even harder when there's no one there on the other side. It feels isolating. In my case, it makes me not want to write -- to not even do the thing that I … Continue reading A Note on Failure.

Where are all the twenty-somethings?

I perhaps have a too much of a visibility complex. I want to be visible. I equate visibility with success. I'm not the only one either. In fact, older generations like to call mine the "me" generation, and they mean to be condescending. They think it is a proclivity to look in the mirror to … Continue reading Where are all the twenty-somethings?

Dream Jobs Aren’t For Everyone

Yeah. Maybe they aren't. And maybe there's not a dream job for me. Before I start to sound too let's-all-feel-sorry-for-Teri-because-she's-giving-up-her-dreams-to-become-extremely-bitter-and-cynical, let's step back for a moment and let me explain. I wouldn't call it an epiphany exactly, a.k.a. this new outlook that I have. Maybe it will all go away in a few days and I'll … Continue reading Dream Jobs Aren’t For Everyone


I learned to procrastinate in high school. That was when I was finally involved in enough extracurriculars to actually consider myself "busy," to be tired enough at the end of the day to say, "No, I'm not going to start working on that essay tonight. I have 3 more days to get it done." The … Continue reading Procrastination

How to Maintain Long Distance Friendships

Being in your 20s often involves a whole lot of long-distance relationships. When I went to college out of state, all of the sudden I was away from my closest friends and was desperately trying to hold on to them. Frankly, some friendships lasted and some didn’t — it’s just how life goes. Then, once … Continue reading How to Maintain Long Distance Friendships

So You Want to Be a Writer

I think so . . . Maybe? Ugh I don’t know. In all my struggles of figuring out what I want to be when I grow up as a young adult-olescent who already is a grown-up (kind of), I have never been able to shake "Writer/Author" out of my head. It’s the dream that has … Continue reading So You Want to Be a Writer

4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Study Abroad

It has now been 3 years since I returned home from London after living, studying, and working there for 4 months. To this day, I consider it one of the most formative times in my life. It has become an almost daily practice of mine to check up on airfare to London, half out of … Continue reading 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Study Abroad

My Job Is Not My Identity: A Necessary Self-Reminder

This is not about giving up on finding a job that is fulfilling and worthy of my time. This is for all the other in-betweeners who don’t quite know what the next step is. If we start associating ourselves with our jobs too much right now, we’ll lose ourselves. And that’s the last thing we need.

Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself After Graduating from College

I’ve been graduated for quite a while now, but one thing I haven’t quite gotten the hang of yet — taking care of myself. Before graduating, I don’t think I ever truly realized how much the structure of school meant to me. Without it, I’ve been lost. Every single day holds uncertainty. I’m staring into … Continue reading Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself After Graduating from College

Adulting: Or Rather, Grow Up Already

This whole being-graduated-from-college thing has turned out to be one big wake up call. This article on the Financial Diet has been an even bigger one - one that was less gradual and way more direct. So, this is my response to it, as a girl who’s been there. Chelsea Fagan writes about this strange … Continue reading Adulting: Or Rather, Grow Up Already