An Honest Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern, I did not really know how to address this letter considering I was given absolutely no indication of who would be reading these applications at your company. All the websites I've looked at tell me to find the name of the person who hires people, but if you didn't provide … Continue reading An Honest Cover Letter

A Note on Failure.

It's hard to create something that no one reads/watches/sees/listens to. It's hard to put something out into the world in general, but even harder when there's no one there on the other side. It feels isolating. In my case, it makes me not want to write -- to not even do the thing that I … Continue reading A Note on Failure.

Dream Jobs Aren’t For Everyone

Yeah. Maybe they aren't. And maybe there's not a dream job for me. Before I start to sound too let's-all-feel-sorry-for-Teri-because-she's-giving-up-her-dreams-to-become-extremely-bitter-and-cynical, let's step back for a moment and let me explain. I wouldn't call it an epiphany exactly, a.k.a. this new outlook that I have. Maybe it will all go away in a few days and I'll … Continue reading Dream Jobs Aren’t For Everyone


I learned to procrastinate in high school. That was when I was finally involved in enough extracurriculars to actually consider myself "busy," to be tired enough at the end of the day to say, "No, I'm not going to start working on that essay tonight. I have 3 more days to get it done." The … Continue reading Procrastination

Interviews Make Me Uncomfortable, but I Guess It’s Good to be Self-Aware

Graduating from college and becoming an “adult” is really just one big lesson in self-awareness. This week I interviewed for a job (spoiler alert: this is something I am very bad at), and in my conversation with the interviewer he brought up something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately. It was in response to … Continue reading Interviews Make Me Uncomfortable, but I Guess It’s Good to be Self-Aware

Don’t Be an Asshole this Holiday Season: A Letter from Your Cashier

Dear Customer, My name is Teri and I work in retail. It’s not a job that I particularly like nor a job that I am super concerned about doing well at, because frankly, I’m hoping I don’t have to be working in this job for much longer. This is a busy and overwhelming time for both … Continue reading Don’t Be an Asshole this Holiday Season: A Letter from Your Cashier

Why Starting a New Job Isn’t a Big Deal Anymore

I got a new job. But it's not a big deal. I’ve had a lot of different jobs over the years. I’ve worked in a craft/party supplies store, in a costume shop, as a painter (of walls, not portraits), in various theaters, as a barista, as a restaurant host, and now in retail. Starting this … Continue reading Why Starting a New Job Isn’t a Big Deal Anymore

Frustration Nation and Feeling Stuck

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend of mine - one who is also experiencing the throes of graduate life. The conversation led to how frustrated we both are because of an overwhelming feeling that we are stuck. I feel stuck at home. I don’t have enough money to live on my own … Continue reading Frustration Nation and Feeling Stuck

This Is A First

Thinking back to around the time I was graduating from college (it completely blows my mind to think that that was over a year ago), everyone, myself included, was posting about the “lasts.” Last final, last class, last trip to the bars with friends - the list goes on and on. It’s easy to slip … Continue reading This Is A First