What I learned in 2018.

I did this last year. It’s the start of a tradition, I guess.

  1. Getting older and feeling homesick feel like the same thing. On that note, you’re never not going to feel homesick.
  2. Sleeping outside on the ground is not your thing.
  3. But on the flip side, washing your hair in a lake in the Grand Tetons is the closest thing to heaven you’ve ever experienced. Camping has its perks.
  4. Working in an artistic venue is the best thing for you. That’s where you’ll find the nerds and weirdos, your kin.
  5. You can still reconnect with people you thought you’d lost due to a gradual slip in communication. If there’s anyone you want to start talking to again, just do it. Chances are they missed you, too.
  6. The world is a dumpster fire now. Turns out, it always has been. It’s just that now, you’re paying attention. And that’s good.
  7. Trying to write a novel in a month, no matter how much you like the idea, is not the way you’re going to write that book. It simply does not work for you. You need to find a more sustainable way to write regularly with a clear focus and end goal in mind without falling off the rails.
  8. You might, finally, (maybe?) be ready to live on your own. But that really scares you.
  9. You like feeling needed, and it’s ok to acknowledge that.
  10. You want to date someone. You don’t have to date someone.
  11. Meeting friends and family at the airport is one of the best feelings in the world. (That’s why I think you like the movie Love, Actually so much, even though the rest of the film is severely problematic. But those bookend airport scenes just make you forget it all.)
  12. You’ll probably never be into podcasts.
  13. Meeting people you admire, whether they be celebrities, authors, etc., is the worst. You feel weird and uncomfortable the whole time and will think about the awkward interaction the whole week following, deconstructing and analyzing every physical movement and word said. And at the same time, if you don’t go to that event, signing, etc., you’ll only regret it and beat yourself up for not going. It’s a double-edged sword, so just get stabbed already.
  14. You could do with some purging of your belongings. Being surrounded by so much stuff with such little space to put it has you feeling stressed.
  15. You’re really out of shape. Find an exercise routine, you lazy bum.
  16. Deleting Facebook off your phone made you realize how bad your scrolling problem is. You’re realizing more and more how looking at your phone has simply become muscle memory and that scares you.
  17. You’re a pretty good cook. Cook more, damn it.
  18. You still need to learn to just do your f*cking laundry already.

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