The Problem with Home

I love my hometown. So much. I like living here and I like my friends here, and overall it’s a really f*cking great city.

One problem, though: I simply do not feel artistically fulfilled here.

This is what lies at the root of my homesickness — loving home and always wanting to be there and spend time there, but knowing it will never afford me the opportunities I need it to in order to feel truly satisfied with my life and especially my career.

I’m at home now. Having lived a full month away, I travelled back for Easter. The ease of it all never ceases to amaze me — just how easy it is to fall back into a routine. Coming home feels like the only true vacation left. The ultimate relaxation destination. I’ll always feel the pull, the longing. It’s in my heart always and it has not been easy to be without it.

And I’m leaving it. Again.

It’s so strange. But it’s also necessary.

Maybe I’ll come back for good one day, but I just cannot be here now. It’s sad, but true.

Just felt like sharing that today. It’s been a rough few weeks.

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