Annoying things.

**WARNING: The following post is extremely petty.**

Here is a list of things that annoy me:

When people say “Okiedokie artichokie” un-ironically.

When my mom starts telling a story and stops mid-sentence distracted by the television and forgets to finish her story until I ask her to please finish her story ten minutes later.

When I ask a customer, “How are you?” and they only respond by saying, “I’m just looking,” like I’m about to attack them or something.

When people tell me I smile too much.

When people tell me to smile.

When friends give me the silent treatment rather than tell me what’s wrong.

When people in the car with me just read signs that we pass out loud without having anything else to say about them.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers. And Nickelback (but that one’s a given).

When people enter through doors clearly marked “Exit” and exit through doors clearly marked “Enter.”

Ok, I’m done now. Bye.



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