What I learned in 2017

In the middle of the dumpster fire there were lessons to be learned:

  1. Always take time to read something outside of the genres you usually read. You might find a new one you love. For me it was fantasy. I also found that poetry just isn’t my thing and probably never will be – and isn’t that great?
  2. Calling your representatives is scary as all heck. I hated it and didn’t do it nearly as often I should have. But I didn’t regret it when I did.
  3. The only cure you need for a bad day at work is a pair of noise-canceling headphones and 45 minutes to listen to that new album you’ve been meaning to listen to for ages. The headphones don’t even need to be noise-canceling. From 2017, I highly recommend Lorde’s Melodrama, St. Vincent’s MASSEDUCATION, Beck’s Colors, ODESZA’s A Moment Apart, LCD Soundsystem’s american dream, Fleet Foxes Crack-up, and Sylvan Esso’s What Now.
  4. Free workshops are all around you, and you should take advantage of them at every turn.
  5. Jobs are temporary. Don’t put too much of who you are into what you do for money, especially when you’re as young as me. Your life happens outside of work. If you can get to a point where your work and your life mesh perfectly, you’re one of the lucky ones.
  6. Just post that stupid photo of you wearing lipstick and being into yourself, because it doesn’t happen that often.
  7. Write it down even if it sucks. Some of the greatest pieces of art in the world started off as total pieces of crap. Probably.
  8. If aesthetics are something that make you happy, take the time to make your space/journals/planners/etc. look the way you want them to look.
  9. Making a list helps you get sh*t done.
  10. Going to concerts is an excellent past-time.
  11. If something makes you laugh, hold on to it, even if other people think it’s dumb. As long as it doesn’t hurt other people, quote that stupid video you saw over and over again for however long it still makes you happy. The little things are important.
  12. Not having any social media apps on your phone is a blessing.
  13. And on that note: TWITTER IS NOT A NEWS SOURCE.
  14. Buying that plane ticket to Iceland was worth it.
  15. Try all the foods you used to hate again. You’ve discovered that mushrooms are no longer poison and onions are even okay in some things.
  16. Everyone moves at a different pace. It sucks to feel like the one being left behind. But you’ll get there eventually. It’s more important to understand that it’s not a race.
  17. Just do your f*cking laundry already.

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