Quick Thoughts: I’m Wearing Men’s Pants

Today I am wearing men’s pants. I bought them from the costume designer in our theater department at my college. They were the pants I wore while I was cross-dressing playing the role of Rosalind in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and the price was right.

Let me just say, these are my favorite freaking pants.

They’re so comfortable. Plus, can we just mention the pockets real quick? — my whole phone fits inside. When I sit down, it doesn’t fall out. Genius. We all know the misogynistic history of pockets, so let’s get with the program, women’s fashion designers. Let’s get some big pockets up in here already.

They are also the perfect pants to wear on your period. Pads don’t feel quite so diaper-ish when you’ve got plenty of room down there.

They’re saggy in all the right places. My legs feel as free as they would in sweat pants. It’s amazing to not feel so claustrophobic. Women’s jeans are just so stifling.

So, ladies, I’d like to say that I whole-heartedly condone wearing men’s pants. And none of this buying “boyfriend jeans” — you know, the jeans made to look like they could probably be your boyfriend’s but they’re actually tailored for a woman’s body, which means tiny-pocketed. NOPE. Go straight to that men’s section, buy some man pants, and make them woman pants just by flaunting them.

[No, I’m not being sponsored by man pants. I’m just a fan.]

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