Potential Names for My Future Dog

This post is purely self-serving. I needed a place to record all my good dog names so that I don’t forget them all by the time I actually get a dog (which unfortunately might not be for a long time).

And since there’s no such thing as a dog baby name book —- (but, WAIT, is there? Because that would be an amazing idea. If that doesn’t already exist then I TOTALLY CALL IT SO DON’T STEAL MY IDEA). But just in case it doesn’t exist, I need something to fall back on just in case I can’t think of anything good in the moment and I end up naming it Marley or Max or Buddy.

(Sorry if your dog is named any of those listed above — all dogs are created equal no matter what their name is).

Here’s the list (to be edited/added to whenever I damn well please/when creativity strikes):

  1. Wiggles
    This is good for a dog that is particularly wiggly.
  2. Mr. Pup
    Sophisticated and no-nonsense — this is good for a dog that isn’t messing around.
  3. Moose
    Could result in an identity crisis for your pup, so they’ll need a lot of affirmation. However, this name is especially good for a dog that just has that moose-like way about him.
  4. Harry Paw-ter
    For famous pup-wizards who have defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Tamed, Dog Voldemort.
  5. Hummus
    Who doesn’t like hummus?
  6. Madame President
    Because I’m so ready to call someone in this country Madame President already.
  7. Sir
    Not like Sir from Holes, but for a doggo who chooses to remain slightly aloof and maintains a sense of mystery.
  8. Frederick (said only in a British accent)
    I was in the play Persuasion (based off Jane Austen’s book) in college, and the male lead’s name is Captain Frederick Wentworth. Saying “Frederick” in a British accent brought so much joy to me (don’t ask me to explain why). And yes, “Captain Frederick Wentworth” would be the dog’s full name because it is classy af.


If I suddenly get a dog and look into their eyes and realize none of these names are right for them, then of course I will have change course and think of something else. I suppose it must be similar to what naming a child is like. (Seriously, should I write a Doggy Names book? Is this idea genius or has someone already done this??)


I really don’t know what this post was.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

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