Musical theater references, writing again, and dreaming about Björk.

Sunday, August 20th

I found out why I haven’t seen the dog poop while I’ve been here — it’s because he shat in the spare bedroom in the basement while I wasn’t watching — twice.

Monday, August 21st


(That’s a Little Shop of Horrors reference for all of the non-theater nerds.)

For us here in Nebraska, it meant big crowds, horrible traffic, and extremely slow days at work (if you were working — most took the day off). But it was a pretty cool view. The sky turned this purple gray color, the street lights came on, and all the shadows looked like they were in the wrong place.

Tuesday, August 22nd

It’s my first day off in six days. I go back to work tomorrow, but I’m just not going to think about that.

Wednesday, August 23rd

I stayed up late last night because I was feeling inspired. I wrote a couple scenes for a play that my friend and I are working on. At the moment we don’t know when this play will be or where we’ll put it up, but we’re excited about it nonetheless. And just having a project to collaborate on again is exhilarating. I don’t remember the last time I stayed up late to write something. And it wasn’t even because of a due date. I loved it.

I don’t know why I decided to pick up The Fault in Our Stars again, but it happened.  (I’m not crying — you’re crying. Oh goodness, what have I done?!)

Thursday, August 24th

I realize how much filling out job applications sucks, but somehow I always manage to forget just how much they suck. It’s masochism in its truest form. Like, when you start to wonder why your friend stays in that boring job that they hate, just remember that to get out of that boring job, they will have to then start filling out applications to get another job and go through interviews and it’s horrific and you’ll understand, oh yeah — because the application process is tedious, inauthentic and downright appalling, no wonder they deal with their job because that is INFINITELY BETTER THAN THIS HELL.

Run-on sentences happen when I rant. Pardon me.

So INSTEAD of filling out job applications (which is what I came here to this coffee shop to do) I fell into a black hole of Iceland planning because I’m more excited than I currently have words for. Maybe I’ll meet Björk (fingers crossed).

Friday, August 25th

I had the privilege of having coffee with my best friend, who had previously been living much too far away. But she and her husband just moved back and I’m so happy about it. She and I both like to sing, and with her living so close again, we’re going to make an effort to record some songs with some epic harmonies. It’s going to be great. In fact, maybe I should add “record more music” to my list of August resolutions while it’s still August. Consider it done.

Saturday, August 26th

Working on Saturdays during the day is always insane. For the most part, people were in a good mood today (as they should be, considering they have the day off and I don’t), but still there’s a lot of people to deal with. I’m the kind of person that gets stressed simply by being in close proximity to too many people. If I stand too long in a crowd, I can just feel myself getting exhausted, you know?

I hope everyone’s had a great week.

A bit of wisdom I would like to share this week: If your boss asks you to work an overnight shift (7pm-3am), DON’T take it, you buffoon.

(speaking from experience)

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