Resolutions in August?

I realize it has not been January for about 7 months, but I’m making some new resolutions anyway. Maybe it’s because I still associate a new year with a new school year and August is when that happens, of course, but there’s just something about Fall that feels like a new start. Here are the things I’m demanding of myself:

  1. Go to more concerts. Just because.
  2. Write a novel (before you die, but preferably sooner rather than later).
  3. Move out. Preferably to a new city. Let’s just get the hell out.
  4. Get a new car. Or a new phone. Either way, you eventually need both.
  5. Start investing. First, learn how to invest (kind of) and then go from there. And while we’re at it, just learn more about money things in general, because let’s face it, right now we’re a pretty hopeless case when it comes to anything financial. But it’s ok — we’re embracing it, we’re learning from it, we’re adjusting. (When did I start speaking about myself in the plural)?
  6. Write more. You already write a lot, but you could always write more. We could all write more. Unless you never stop writing and never sleep and are completely consumed by what word you are going to write down next and then you die never knowing what love or contentedness is (in this situation, you could probably write less).

All these goals are horribly vague and completely the opposite of how the world says you should set goals, but this is just the tipping-off point. From here I can start forming a solid plan to achieve these goals and write out the details and all that other crap they tell you to do when you’re making goals (I’m referring to the proverbial “they” here. Who are “they?” I don’t know! Stop asking me questions! They’re watching. What? Who said that?).

I encourage everyone to make new goals in August. Or better, yet, reassess your New Year’s goals — check in and see how you’re doing.

(But don’t take advice from me. If you couldn’t tell from my goals, I’m in pretty rough shape and am in no position to be giving advice to anyone.)

#goals . . . or something.

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