A dog thinks I’m an alien and strangers say weird things to me.

Sunday, August 13th

It’s hard to work at a job you know you want to leave, but you just don’t know the “when” of it all.

Monday August 14th

I got to skype my two best friends who live way too far away from me. Without the set structure that school gave us, it’s harder to find time to connect. But we still do. I have confidence that we’ll stand the test of time. Because we’ll keep making time.

Tuesday, August 15th

Today was my only day off this week. I spent it playing the ukulele and going to lunch with my sister. Then, we went to see The Big Sick. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen but I’d love to see more movies like it — with characters that are imperfect but endearing, from all different backgrounds, and stories that shed light on not only on romantic love, but the love you find in the midst of tragedy or familial disputes or cultural differences with people you might never have felt a connection to otherwise. I need to see more movies. Even if they’re terrible the act of going to a theater, sitting in the dark and thinking about something else for a couple hours is such a gift.

Wednesday, August 16th

I want to do a million different things today. Like go running, become vegetarian, write a novel, start guitar lessons, move to London (then to Edinburgh), see a show, be in a show, become a star, get married, paint a mural. Just everything. But I didn’t do any of it. This morning, I read a book, then played ukulele and this afternoon I worked again.


Thursday, August 17th

Coming at you live from another person’s house. I’m dog-sitting, and I have to say, living in a semi-stranger’s home is giving me the creeps. Good thing the dog’s here to keep me company.

However, the dog has no memory of me from when we met a week ago. He won’t let me come near him and he keeps staring at me like I’m an alien. I’m scared to make eye contact. I have laid a treat next to me and sat on the opposite couch to convince him that I’m a good person who not only will feed him, but will respect his space. 

At work tonight a woman walked past me waving her hands across her face and said, “She sprayed me before I could stop her and I don’t like it!” I’m assuming this woman was talking about perfume (because she did smell quite fragrant) and I’m also assuming she was sprayed at the mall (because it’s across the street). I hope these assumptions are correct because otherwise… I don’t think I want to know.

Friday, August 18th

Update: The dog let me pet him this morning. This is big news.

Saturday, August 19th

Update: the dog and I are pretty much best friends now. But I don’t think he’s pooped since I’ve been taking care of him, even though I let him outside several times during the day (he hasn’t eaten much since I’ve been there either, though his owners say this is normal). I’M STILL WORRIED.


. . . And with that, the week from hell was over.

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