Quick Thoughts: SUMMER SUCKS. Bring on Fall!!

Just bring me a pumpkin, a sweater, and a cinnamon spice candle . . . or something.

Am I the only one who is completely over summer? I just bought like 5 sweaters and I can’t wear any of them. It’s bumming me out.

It’s not just about the pumpkin spice lattes either (WARNING: UNPOPULAR OPINION COMING UP — because I don’t really like pumpkin spice lattes all that much). I want fall because, to me, it is the true beginning of the year. I may be influenced by old school schedules, but something about fall makes me feel new. I get this new sense of clarity and confidence.

It probably has something to do with the comfortable clothes and crisp fresh air, the beautiful colors, Halloween, the NOT SWEATING THROUGH YOUR CLOTHES AND HAVING ARMPIT STAINS DOWN TO YOUR WAISTLINE ALL THE TIME.

*ahem* Sorry I think I blacked out for a second, or a demon entered my body or something.

(But seriously, summer sucks. The only good thing about it is margaritas.)

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