My Week: Books and music cushion the blow of customer service and existential crises.

This is a new kind of post (mostly for my own benefit). I usually don’t journal about what I do day-to-day. I’m more of a write what you’re feeling kind of person (gross, I know). So usually I forget what I’ve actually done. Maybe writing it all down will make me feel like I’ve done more with my life because I won’t forget the productive things that happened. Or I’ll trick myself into making more productive things happen because I know I’ll have to record them somewhere and I can’t just record nothing over and over again. Either way, here’s what happened to me this week:

Sunday 8/6

It was 10 minutes to closing time and I found two drunk men in the back of the store as I was tidying up. They started asking me incoherent questions and I wouldn’t leave when I told them we didn’t have what they were looking for — instead they just stood there with eyes practically glazed over like they had no idea what I was saying to them. One of them had a mullet and the other was wearing a cut-off t-shirt so his belly button was hanging out and three of his front teeth were missing. I eventually escaped and had to tell my manager that I could smell alcohol on their breath and they wouldn’t leave the store.

I swear, customer service is going to kill me someday. Or cause me to kill someone else.

Monday 8/7

It was a laundry + fruitless job searching kind of day. Hooray for clean clothes and way too many unnecessary existential crises!

Tuesday 8/8

I went to the Sylvan Esso concert and it was practically a religious experience. I’m asking two things of you — (1) go listen to their music right now and then (2) go see them live. Best concert I’ve been to. (Also if the lighting designer is out there, Hi — will you marry me? Thanks, bye).

IMG_1526 copy
doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Wednesday 8/9

I don’t know what it was about today — maybe it’s that my shift was longer than normal or that only old, grumpy people shop during the daylight hours or that we happened to be short-staffed today or that I was tired from going to a concert last night — but today was not great (my guess is that it was a combination of all of the above). I spent the rest of the night reading Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? and watching Parks and Rec for some much needed giggles.

Thursday 8/10

One of my friends left today for Japan. My jealousy is expounding. I can’t wait to go to Iceland and get far, far away for a while.

In other news, another friend is moving back to town (officially) tomorrow. I’m so excited to see her more often.

I also bought books today. Seriously, books are the reason my budgets always go to hell. I’ve been really into fantasy and sci-fi lately (which I haven’t read a lot of), and my purchases reflect this. I bought Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. I have a good feeling about all of them.

Friday 8/11

Today I worked and didn’t do any of the things on my list. I have these days more often than I like to admit. I did read a lot though. Usually when I do nothing else, at least I read.

A woman I work with told me her friend has a crush on me. She’s told me this before. I met the guy once when I was getting coffee on my break. He wanted to talk to me about freelance writing but all I could think, was I don’t know you and I just want to drink my coffee in peace — this is the only break I get, buddy. Trust me, there were no fireworks — so mostly it made me feel uncomfortable.

Saturday 8/12

I’m feeling the stress of being stretched a bit too thin right now. I made the stupid mistake of picking up two shifts at work and also agreeing to dog sit next weekend. So I went from having three days off this week to one. I just keep looking at my calendar and shaking my head, cursing my past self for getting myself into this horrid mess. Just think about the paycheck the paycheck the paycheck the paycheck the paycheck . . . 

I’ve been trying to listen to albums that I always mean to listen to but never do (some of them new, some not). Today I listened to Wild World by Bastille and You by dodie. Both are good (I’m not a music expert so don’t be underwhelmed by my very specific review).


What I learned this week: Books and music are excellent remedies for a heavy heart. Keep reading. Keep listening. Keep looking forward. It will be okay.

Hopefully you’ve had a good week. Stay posted to see if next week will be the week from hell. I’m hoping not.

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