Quick Thoughts: I discovered DEAR EVAN HANSEN yesterday.

tumblr_inline_oksdbe75H21rg1hqa_540This is my first experimental post of this nature. Welcome to Quick Thoughts, where I can share more things with you and get more content on this site by just sharing some quick thoughts I’ve been having recently.

[My titles for things are so original and inspired!]

Yesterday I did a bit of ugly crying. The reason — I discovered the musical Dear Evan Hansen and it DESTROYED me. I can’t really remember the last time I’ve been so into a musical that I just can’t stop listening to it over and over again. You may recognize the lead Ben Platt from a little movie called Pitch Perfect, where he played the socially awkward magician Benji, who apparently has a voice that makes me go absolutely weak at the knees.

I first listened to the song “Waving Through a Window” and was immediately reminded of every ugly feeling I ever had in middle school, struggling with what I now think was social anxiety and no friends I felt really close to.

I love this song in a very specific way – the way that makes me listen to it on repeat alone in my room, headphones in, but belting the words, simultaneously dancing like no one’s watching but also like everyone can see my own reckless abandon.

Give it a listen, friends.

(Or don’t. I guess I can’t tell you what to do.)

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