My Winter-Induced Hibernation and the “Joys” that Come with It

Sorry to resort to talking about the weather, but it seems as though Nebraska is really giving me the cold shoulder today. By “cold shoulder” I mean the ice storm set to hit us today and tomorrow. By “today” I mean, it’s already begun.

It’s the storm that local meteorologists have been warning us about for over a week now. They aren’t quite calling it “Ice-mageddon” yet, but there have been whispers, suspicions. For now, they’re calling it Winter Storm Jupiter:

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.56.45 PM.png
Jupiter’s cute, isn’t he? Just darling.

Grocery stores have been packed with lines extending into the shopping aisles. I myself was swarmed with customers at my job at the bookstore on Saturday, with people purchasing reading material and other ways to entertain themselves during the days when none of us will be able to leave our homes. (Apparently not everyone keeps stacks and stacks of books on their shelves like me).

And now, I’m starting to feel the effects of it all. Being cooped up like this — it’s not good for my mental state. It’s even worse for my resolution to unplug more this year. I haven’t quite reached Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) status yet, but I’m getting close.

For some reason this year has been worse than others. That’s saying something, considering I spent the last 5 winters in Minnesota. But I have happy Minnesota winter memories. They were surrounded by college friends and frozen lakes we could walk on. There were tall evergreens to climb and plenty of snow to build forts. Minnesota made me fall in love with winter again.

This winter has been characterized by an overarching “lukewarm-ness” as I will now refer to it, both in temperature and in substance. I’m so wishy-washy, gravitating between excitement and dread for the future, between motivation and the urge to give up, between curiosity and disinterestedness. Never can I land on just one. It feels as though I’ll forever be in this limbo, this seemingly-everlasting transition. It’s all so annoying.

Blaming the weather, in my case is easy, but perhaps not entirely accurate. These have been my feelings for a while now, and I’m not quite sure how to stop them. Being cooped up in the house can be a dangerous thing, and I’m afraid I’ve allowed it to become my default setting.

But now the silver lining:

Maybe this ice storm will force me to get creative.


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