My Job Is Not My Identity: A Necessary Self-Reminder

This is not about giving up on finding a job that is fulfilling and worthy of my time. This is for all the other in-betweeners who don’t quite know what the next step is. If we start associating ourselves with our jobs too much right now, we’ll lose ourselves. And that’s the last thing we need.

Why Is This Getting Harder?

Perhaps it's a dumb question to ask. Nothing in life is easy, and to think that blogging is always easy would be an extremely naive assumption. However, lately, every week it seems to get harder and harder. I sit down at my computer and my mind fails me. My fingers sit idle on my keyboard … Continue reading Why Is This Getting Harder?

My Winter-Induced Hibernation and the “Joys” that Come with It

Sorry to resort to talking about the weather, but it seems as though Nebraska is really giving me the cold shoulder today. By "cold shoulder" I mean the ice storm set to hit us today and tomorrow. By "today" I mean, it's already begun. It's the storm that local meteorologists have been warning us about … Continue reading My Winter-Induced Hibernation and the “Joys” that Come with It