50,000 Words (and Counting)

At the beginning of November, I made it a goal to write 50,000 words by the end of the month, in participation with NaNoWriMo, aka National Novel Writing Month. I am proud to say that as of November 30th, I updated my word count for the last time:

51,207 words.


. . . And still counting.

It’s not a novel yet. But it could be. I haven’t set an ending or even come up with half of the characters’ names yet, but I wrote every single one of those 51,207 words and I still have more of my story to tell.

And that’s exciting.

I’ve never ventured to write this many words ever. In my life. Writing a 10,000-word essay used to seem like the most daunting task ever. But I wrote 51,207 words in a month. They are unedited, imperfect, and some are downright all wrong. But they came out of my brain! How cool is that?! I created characters with thoughts, emotions, and motivations. I created their homes and their families from scratch. And while the draft is rough (to put it lightly), those words are mine. This novel contains so much of me.

I’m on the verge of gushing. However, I deserve to give myself some credit. This past year has been rough, and I haven’t had much to pat myself on the back for. So that’s what I’m doing now.

Hopefully, you’ll excuse the brief hiatus I’ve taken. The writing break has been much needed. As for the future, well, I’ve got plans.

Finally, finally, finally.

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