Reflections and Resolutions, 2016

Here it is, folks. 2017 is finally at our doorstep. Many people are saying the usual thing people say at the start of a new year. “Wow, I can’t believe this year is already over!” Allow me to counter anyone who is along this train of thought and say, “Already? This year has been one … Continue reading Reflections and Resolutions, 2016

Every Book I Read in 2016, Ranked

This year, like every year, I participated in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. At the beginning of January I challenged myself to read a total of 35 books in 2016. I ended up reading a grand total of 39 books, of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty and, frankly, merit. So, here they are, ranked from … Continue reading Every Book I Read in 2016, Ranked

A Very Serious Post About Comedy

Comedy is extremely difficult. Anyone who denies that fact — just try doing standup. The very idea of doing so makes me want to shut myself up in my room for all eternity. Comedy has it’s own velocity and melody — it’s not something that just anyone can do. It is entirely possible to be … Continue reading A Very Serious Post About Comedy